Pediatric Dentistry

Located in the Financial District of New York City, The Exchange Dental Group makes it easy to receive all the dental treatment you need in one place. Learn more about the pediatric dental services we provide below.


Our pediatric dentists, Dr. Feldman and Dr. Berkower, are board-certified pediatric dentists that have decades of experience in caring for pediatric patients. In pediatric dentistry, there’s a high level of psychology involved in the way we help our young patients during their care procedures. Through key language skills, voice control, protective stabilization, sedation options, and a tell-show-do approach, our pediatric dentists make going to the dentist a pleasant experience for even the most anxious child.


The top priority for our pediatric patients is to keep their smiles healthy and happy so that less treatment is needed in the future. We do this by offering comprehensive, age-appropriate therapies like regular exams, orthodontic screenings, gentle cleanings, education on oral hygiene, digital x-rays assessing tooth development, and preventive and supplemental treatments such as fluoride.


Sealants are a thin, protective coating bonded to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars and premolars). This coating forms a shield over the enamel of each tooth keeping bits of food out of the grooves and depressions of the teeth. This stops bacteria from settling on your tooth, stopping early stages of decay and preventing cavities from forming. Sealants are usually placed when the permanent back teeth come in, starting at age 6.


When baby teeth develop a cavity, it can spread to developing adult teeth. Our pediatric dentists perform minimally invasive fillings that match the natural tooth color and which prevent oral health complications. Dr. Feldman and Dr. Berkower strive to address cavities in early stages, when treatment is comfortable and before neighboring teeth are affected.

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