Have Your Dessert! (If You Must)

Have Your Dessert New York

It’s not realistic for most people to completely avoid sugary treats. If you can abstain, kudos to you. If you can’t, be aware that eating sweets at certain times is better for your teeth than others. For instance, when you eat a full meal, your saliva production increases. Saliva is necessary to neutralize acids and rinse bits of food off of teeth.

If You Must Indulge: Understand the Importance of Timing

This is great news for dessert lovers because it means that sweets consumed after meals have a lower risk to your teeth because your mouth is already in a plaque-fighting state. Sweets eaten with a meal are preferable to sugary treats eaten alone.

Not all Treats are Created Equal

Moreover, remember that the type of treat is as critical as when you eat it. Dentists are constantly reminding their dental patients that sticky candies stay on your teeth for a long time, even when your saliva is flowing. And hard candies that you suck for an extended time give bacteria a perfect environment to create dangerous enamel-weakening acids. If you pair candy with sugar-laden soda, the assault to your teeth is even more risky

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