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Maintaining optimal oral health is the foundation of a beautiful smile. All of our general and specialized dentists have the expertise to keep your smile healthy through preventive and general care. Allow us to support your dental health through regular cleanings with our experienced, caring, and knowledgeable registered dental hygienists and oral examinations with our highly trained doctors.


Our first priority is to ensure a happy and healthy smile. Our hygienists will preform a professional cleaning that removes plaque and tartar, and our doctors will conduct a comprehensive screening for oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay and examine existing restorations. For X-rays, our office uses CT scans, the latest in x-ray dental technology.

Our in-house orthodontist, Dr. Weeman, and our dentists work together to comprehensively service all your needs around teeth alignment and straightening. Our orthodontist will advise on various options that are best suited for you depending on the specific bite, jaw anatomy, and facial characteristic needs. Our office is highly experienced in several braces options including traditional styles, tooth colored ceramic braces, and Invisalign.

If you have old, metal or amalgam fillings that you don’t like the appearance of, tooth-colored composite fillings may be ideal for you. These modern, natural looking fillings are long-lasting and keep your teeth strong and resistant to injury. And the best part, no one will notice they’re there!

When large fillings located in back teeth are replaced, they typically require stronger and more precisely contoured restorations. These restorations are called inlays or onlays, depending on whether they are being placed inside the tooth or on its outer surface. Onlays provide protection to teeth much like crowns do, but they conserve more of the natural tooth structure.

Porcelain crowns are a good solution for broken down teeth or if you are looking for a solution after having a root canal done. Porcelain crowns are strong, durable and long-lasting. Once you have a porcelain crown placed, you will regain function of your tooth so you can bite and chew efficiently without any pain. A porcelain crown can also be a great solution if you have one single tooth that is discolored, chipped or cracked. A crown or cap as it is also often called, can be placed over the damaged tooth to hide its imperfections while providing extra support.

Our in-house oral surgeon has years of experience in full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery, with wisdom teeth removal being one of the most common procedures he conducts. Our surgeon will first conduct an evaluation, and a visit for the removal of wisdom teeth will be scheduled, with the procedure taking less than an hour.

We offer professional whitening in-office. This long-lasting whitening method takes just over an hour and results last up to three years! During your visit, your clinician will cover your lips and gums and then apply the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to your teeth. A special light will activate the gel while maintaining the structure of the teeth. While the results vary from one person to the next, the average improvement is eight shades lighter, and we help maintain your new smile with at-home touch-ups using customized trays.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth a few shades at home, we can provide you with a take-home teeth whitening kit which includes custom-made trays to fit perfectly over your teeth and a special whitening gel. You simply apply the whitening gel to the trays and wear the trays while you sleep and you’ll have noticably whiter teeth in about two weeks.

We’re prepared for same-day emergency dental appointments here at The Exchange Dental Group! Please call our office right away if you’re experiencing persistent, new, or worsening discomfort. We’ll get you in right away.

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